Spring Festival

Education in the IBD programme at the Gymnasium of Jur Hronec is not restricted to subjects taught in classes. It also focuses on the further personal development of students. An important quality that every IB student should possess is an open mind and a cultural overview. Mr Carter makes sure that every year, six IB students are given a unique opportunity to test and perfect these personal attributes in Slovenia. Every April, a small group led by Mr Carter, all members overloaded with suitcases and guitars, arrives at the main train station and sets off to Slovenia for a five-day adventure. The main idea of this trip is to take part in the Maribor Spring Festival, where the students discover their secret talents in arts courses, meet peers from different countries and experience both busy and quiet parts of beautiful Maribor.

The purpose of the Maribor Spring Festival is to free your artistic aspect through painting, acting, photographing or dancing; get to know different cultures and young people from other countries, but also to represent yours. Students take part in four lessons on artistic activity of their own choice, led by experts in the field. The aim is to create a work of art that they will present at the end of the project. Its up to every student whether they choose an activity that is completely new to them or, on the contrary, one that they want to perfect. In either case, the results are passionate new friends with similiar interests, new experience and a valuable contribution to their artistic capabilities. The organizing team from II. gimnazija Maribor is restless in its endeavour to create extra activities, prepares hikes, theatre performances and trips around the former European Capital of Culture. Great memories and cultural overview are not the only things that IB students take from the festival upon returning home. In Maribor, years-lasting friendships – between GJH students themselves and their international peers – are often created.

The high demand for the trip, making it very difficult for Mr Cater to choose from the applicants, speak on its own. Unique memories, a lot of laughter, photos which are going to make you smile after years have passed, and enriching experience that is difficult to get elsewhere – these all are the reasons for taking part in the Maribor Spring Festival. When the time comes, do not miss your chance!