BratMUN 2018

The 18th BratMUN, 8th – 11th November 2018
As it is an IB tradition, our IB students organized another great and successful model conference of the UN, BratMUN. They were not alone putting together the event for several students from Škola pre mimoriadne nadané deti a gymnázium and from Leaf Academy also added their knowledge, energy and skills as chairs. This year’s session was again an unforgettable experience for all participants.

All started on Thursday evening, at Pan-European university’s main Hala Maxima, where we hosted honorable guests such as the Slovak minister of foreign affairs and former president of the UN General Assembly Mr. Lajčák, Director of UN Information Service Vienna and former spokesperson of the Secretary General of the UN Mr. Nesirky, his Excellence the Italian ambassador Mr. Meucci, Dean of the Faculty of Law of Pan-European University Mr. Potasch and the Vice-Principal/Head of IB Programmes Mrs. Špačeková. All of them gave inspiring and encouraging speeches.

142 student participants – delegates (from 8 schools from abroad and 10 schools from Slovakia), 10 main organizers and 60 volunteers took part in many hot debates, attending numerous committees. All chairs were managing skillfully debates and noticing all active delegates – who were then awarded (for each committee: 3 honorable delegates, 2 outstanding delegates and 1 best delegate). The programme was very busy, committees started in early mornings and ended in late evenings. All breaks were filled with lobby debates and chats where participants had a chance get to know each other a little bit better.

The Organization Team with their IB teachers also prepared programme – e.g. a town sightseeing for delegations‘ advisers and teachers. They explored Bratislava Old Town and found out something about our history and culture, finishing the walk in a coffee house at the National Gallery. Alongside the official meetings, we also prepared the MUN party where delegates got an opportunity to dance and rock-and-roll.

The last day we dealt with committees‘ resolutions and then we awarded all active delegates.

We are already looking forward to the 19th BratMUN!

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