International Co-operation

International activities September 2012 – June 2018

Spring Festival, Maribor

SFApr2017 SFApr2018

  • First attendance April 2006, by invitation from Maribor
  • Regular attendance ever since, except 2010 (held in Serbia during Easter holiday)
  • Number of students attending limited to 6 by organisers
  • Usually more students interested than we can take


TOK week, Maribor

TOKSep2014 TOKSep2016

  • Part of the regular programme at ll. Gimnazija, Maribor
  • Our first attendance September 2011
  • Regular attendance ever since
  • I contributed to the teaching programme from September 2013
  • Group led by Paul Kindji from September 2017


International Initiative, Bratislava

IIMay2016 IIMay2018

  • First held at GJH in April 2011 as part of an exchange programme which also includes TOK week.
  • For all members of 3IB
  • Held every year since 2011, with guests from ll. Gimnazija, Maribor
  • Intended to increase knowledge about less well-known countries using internet research and personal experiences of our students and our guests.
  • Co-operation with UNA Slovakia in 2016 and 2017


Although the TOK and II programmes started before the period under review, the co-operative nature of both has improved and, for II in particular, the programme has developed and become more sophisticated. All three of these activities are viewed positively by students.


Model United Nations conferences

In addition to promoting our own BratMUN, described elsewhere, GJH students, mainly drawn from the Diploma Programme, have also attended these MUNs during the period under review:

  • Istanbul – 2015
  • Stuttgart – 2015
  • Milan – 2017
  • Budapest – 2016, 2017



Paul Kindji is taking over responsibility for these activities from September 2018.