Students in the second or third grade of four-year high school, third or fourth grade of five-year high school or in sexta or septima of eight-year gymnazium study are eligible to apply for IB Diploma study. Admission of the students from other countries is based on the bilateral agreements of the Slovakian government and the government of the particular country. It is the responsibility of the student/legal guardian to check if he/she is eligible for the admission and provide the school with the necessary documentation.

From all applicants, 24 students are accepted and become students of the IBD programme. Successful candidates are selected based on their results in written entrance examinations in English Language and Mathematics, and from a personal capabilities assessment.

The completed application form must be submitted no later than 20th  February 2024. The application is available at  this page.

The entrance exams for the IB diploma programme at GJH take place on only one date, on 15th March 2024. The exams take place in the building of Gymnazium of Jur Hronec at 3 Novohradská Street in Bratislava. Some students sit the exams externally – on the premises of another international school, under the same conditions.

The admission process

Part A – written examination
  • exam in Mathematics
  • exam in English Language

The examination in Mathematics lasts 60 minutes.
The examination in English Language lasts 70 minutes.

Part B

Personal capabilities assessment – takes into account the academic performance of the student as well as any extra-curricular activities and the recommendation written by a teacher of the applicant.

Determining the results

In each of the two exams in part A, the maximum score is 100 points. A successful applicant must achieve at least 30 points in each test, or score over 90 points in the Mathematics exam and at least 20 points in the other exam, or score over 90 points in English language and at least 20 points in the other exam. In part B, the maximum score for an applicant is 100 points. The score from part B will only be added to the total score for the first 50 applicants in the list of successful applicants in part A.

Based on the sum of applicants’ scores in parts A and B, the final ranking is produced and published.

Note: The fact that a student has received a notice of unsatisfactory behaviour from their school, i. e. a low grade of behaviour, will be taken into account and may affect the final decision of the admissions committee. Depending on the severity of the misdemeanor, the admissions committee may decide not to offer a place to the applicant, even if they passed the exams successfully.

Publishing the results

The results of the admission process for the school year 2024/2025 will be published on the page ‘Results’ . The date of the results being published is April 2024. The results are anonymous; each applicant is listed under a code that they received with the invitation to the entrance examinations. In April 2024, every applicant will have received written notice of their result.