The Nadácia Novohradská foundation

Nadácia Novohradská was founded in 1993 by the Gymnasium of Jur Hronec to support its educational activities. During the following 30 years of its work up until now, Nadácia Novohradská has contributed tremendously towards keeping the level of education provided by GJH as high as possible. The foundation holds the lion’s share of financial sponsorship of the International Baccalaureate programme and it could well be said that without the financial and material support from Nadácia Novohradská the IBD programme at GJH would not exist, or have endured in its current state.

Apart from other activities, Nadácia Novohradská supports the most talented GJH students who need not necessarily be in the IBD programme. Furthermore, the foundation sponsors the annual Bratislava Model United Nations project.

If you are interested in more information about how to sponsor the IBD programme or in the activities of the foundation, you can find more on its website. Another possibility is to get in touch with RNDr. František Kosper, the administrator of the foundation and a long-standing teacher in both national and IBD programmes at GJH:

Phone No.: +421 22 10 28 349
E-mail: kosper<img class="at" src="/wp-content/themes/twentythirteenchild/images/kyslaryba.png" alt="@" />